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Thank you, sincerely, for visiting my website. The fact that you are here deserves and receives my gratitude. I hope that this website is something that adds possibility into your life and that we can develop a long and lasting relationship in various ways.

Here, you can find where I am teaching yoga in the way of classes, workshops and retreats. You can find my yoga teacher trainings if you’re interested in delving deeper and taking yoga to others in your life and community, or simply deepening your own practice and knowledge of yourself. Yoga teacher trainings change your life whether you want to teach yoga to others or not. You can sign up for life coaching sessions for a little clarity or deeper meaning in your life and you can also follow my blog which is a collection of personal writings, articles on yoga, spirituality and life bettering modalities.

Feel free to write me with questions and I will answer them in a timely manner through a blog post.
I am so excited to meet you and share what I experience in my own life in this way.